Device size and denisty exponentially increase during the 2010's.  The industry continues to see a convergence of devices.  Programmable devices are in virtually every product from appliances, automobiles, wireless devices, industrial controls and much more.  With a dispersed global supply chain, protecting IP and securing data is vital to the success of our customers.  Data I/O continues to introduce solutions to address our customer's changing technology and manufacturing needs.




FlashPAK III supports all of the existing device algorithms, adapters, bad block schemes, and other software solutions that were supported on previous FlashPAK systems.  FlashPAK III delivers faster programming speed capabilities with hardware that can program capable devices at > 10 MBytes/second (80 Mbits/second).  In addition, faster Job Downloads are realized through the 100 Base-T Ethernet port along with memory management speed improvements for large files greater than 256 MBytes.



2011 - First Factory Integrated Inline Programming System

 The RoadRunner3 integrates device programming into the manufacturing process through Factory Integratrion Software (FIS).  FIS Remote supports remote control operations of RoadRunner3 for quality production and FIS Track supports audit functions for traceability

The RoadRunner3 is the first reconfigurable inline programming system allowing a single unit to support multiple SMT platforms.  The System supports tape widths from 16mm to 44mm and package sizes up to 32mm.



2012 - First Desktop Automated Duplication System for e-MMC

Built on the FLX500 platform, the FLXHD provides extreme parallel duplication and fast changeovers despite large file sizes.

  • 40-device-socket system
  • X-Y robot gantry with dual pick-and-place probes
  • Data read/write speeds of 22 MB/second per socket
  • Language-independent graphical user interface


SuperBoost for eMMC


  • Field-upgradeable features for FlashCORE III programmers that re-architects and optimizes the programming engine without making any hardware changes.
  • With SuperBoost and FlashCORE III, you can achieve maximum programming speeds while significantly increasing production throughput for high density devices.


Factory Integration Software

2011 - First Factory Integrated Software Package for Device Programming

Factory Integration Software (FIS) monitors and manages the programming process to enable traceability, improve productivity, increase quality and reduce operator errors.  With FIS Track and Remote and custom software via FIS software development kit (SDK), customers can connect PS and RoadRunner3 to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or production control software.

Celebrating Data I/O's 40th Anniversary


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