FlashCORE III Technology

Keep your production processes running at maxium velocity for devices and files of any size using FlashCORE III programming architecture—the latest version of the world's most trusted Flash programmer.  With optimized algorithms, FlashCORE III is used to program 100's of millions of devices and is trusted to keep tier one automotive electronics, wireless, consumer electonics, and industrial controls manufacturers running at peak production throughput.

Key Benefits   

FlashCORE III offers significant performance gains by increasing download and read/write speeds by a factor of ten (over FlashCORE II). With support for the latest high density Flash memory devices, FlashCORE III is the best programming engine on the market supporting large devices. It's compatible with all existing FlashCORE algorithms and adapters and has the largest library of NAND support and Bad Block Schemes available anywhere. FlashCORE III gives you a quality programming solution.

Maximized Production Rates   

  • Read/write speeds greater than 10 MBytes per second (80 Mbits/s) for capable devices
  • Fast dowloads over 100 Base-T Ethernet connection
  • Configurable FPGA for optimized programming now and in the future

FlashCORE III Programming Times   

Device Manufacturer Device/Size Other Programmers FlashCORE III
Samsung OneNAND


256 MB  (2048 Mbits)

321 seconds
76 seconds
Samsung OneNAND


256 MB  (2048 Mbits)

295 seconds
57 seconds
Samsung MoviNAND


4 GB  (32768 Mbits)

7070 seconds
1920 seconds
Sandisk iNAND


1 GB  (8192 Mbits)

3665 seconds
278 seconds
* Includes program, verify and overhead
Download speed —> 256 MB (2048 Mbits)
7.1 minutes
1 minute


Smart Investment Supporting Production Processes Now and in the Futures   

With support for the latest device technology including SD, MMC, MoviNAND and iNAND, FlashCORE III is not only the fastest programming engine on the market for devices greater than 4 GBytes but it is also a "universal" programmer supporting all of your device programming needs with one programmer.

iNAND GBNAND SD Cards MMC Cards Microcontrollers CPLD's PLD's EEPROM and More!


Save Time and Money   

  • Compatible with all existing FlashCORE algorithms and adapters
  • Compatible with all Data I/O Process Control software applications
  • Supported by the largest library of NAND support and Bad Block Schemes in the world
  • Global support network with over 60 trained Field Service and Support Engineers providing 24/7 support

Data I/O's Connected Strategy   

Easily communicate and seamlessly transfer job profiles throughout your firmware supply chain with our connected programming strategy. Maintain your production throughput from design through manufacturing with FlashCORE III even when your file sizes grow exponentially. FlashCORE III is supported on all Data I/O automated programming systems as well as the FlashPAK III manual programmer and is compatible with all Data I/O Process Control software applications.

High Speed / High Density Flash Device Programmer - Automated Programmer - In-line Programmer - Bad Block Schemes