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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aktueller Fachartikel erschienen in productronic 07/2014
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Programmiersystem PSV7000 von Data I/O wird mit 2014 EM Asia Innovation Award ausgezeichnet
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Data I/O gewinnt für sein Programmiersystem PSV7000 den Industriepreis 2014
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FlashPak II + III

FLASHPAK III: High speed flash programming for design engineering and production.

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UniSite-xpi: Celebrating 30 years of being the programming solution of choice in Mission Critical industries such as Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear, and High Performance Telecommunications, UniSite®-xpi™ continues Data I/O’s commitment to these industries.

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3980xpi: Revolutionary socketing technology and flexible device support  offers performance and reliability unequaled in the industry. Advanced, universal programming support for thousands of FPGAs, PLDs, CPLDs, memory, flash and microcontroller devices.

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OPTIMA: Highly flexible, interchangeable TOPs provide extensive and expandable device support capability.

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PLUS48: For short-term or low volume projects, the PLUS48 provides a highly cost effective solution.

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MULTISYTE  A family of universal parallel programmers supporting a broad spectrum of devices.

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PSV7000  is the world's premier automated programming system with the speed, flexibility, small parts handling and fast changeover to handle complex jobs at up to 50% cost.

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FLXHD:  is the only automated duplication system for e-MMC devices in a desktop footprint.  Featuring a 40-device-socket system with an automated X-Y robot gantry and dual pick-and-place probes for high-throughput, the FLXHD is the most cost-effective solution available to duplicate all of your e-MMC devices in volume.

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FLX 500

FLX500: Compact, self-contained automated system for programming memory and microcontroller devices. At home on the desktop, in the lab, or on the production line,  FLX500 drastically reduces quality problems inherent in manual gang programming.     

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PS388: Automated device programming system for medium volume/high mix applications with FlashCORE III technology supports the latest high-density flash memory devices at maximum programming speeds.

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RoadRunner: The world’s fastest and most cost effective inline flash programming system. RoadRunner mounts directly onto SMT machines.

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RoadRunner3: Eliminate operator error and streamline production processes with RoadRunner3 and Factory Integration Software.  RoadRunner3 mounts directly onto SMT machines.


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Factory Integration Software: enable traceability, improve productivity, increase quality and reduce operator errors

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Application Software Catalog

Application Software Catalog: Library of Data I/O process control software applications.

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DataMapper: Solution for data file translation, merging, and management.  Merge multiple files into one image. Use with any device programmer

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TaskLink for Windows

TaskLink for Windows: Process control software with a powerful user interface which enhances the efficiency and quality of your programming processes.

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NAND Flash Bad-Block Schemes Software Option

NAND Flash BBS: Field-proven Bad Block Schemes management for systems designers using NAND flash memories.

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Serial Number Server for FlashCORE

Serial Number Server™ for FlashCORE: Serial Number Server, when combined with existing FlashCORE programming systems, provides a complete solution for managing automatic programming of unique numbers or other dynamic data from your external source file during the production programming process.

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